3D printing in sculptures, exploring the digital world Each artistic work brings with it the passion of its creator. Art reflects the sensitivity and technique of the artist who seeks through shapes and colors to demonstrate his perception of the world. This work requires patience, a sense of purpose and a lot of dedication. For […]

New horizons: 3D printing in the maritime industry

Naval architecture applications The naval architecture and design industry has great challenges during the construction of its products. That’s because designing a yacht is as difficult as it seems. Through additive manufacturing technologies it is possible to create replicas of the final models, even before their launches. Carlos Eduardo Mariano is the owner of Atelier […]


Electronic market: two small components tied to large ideas Electronic companies has technology in DNA. Much has been applied in the universe of 3D printing in this market. Many factories produce electronic components from the manufacturing through 3D printing. From small prototypes until a complete product manucfature. There are many applications: products, prototypes, and auxiliary […]


High performance manufacturing Undoubtedly, an area that greatly benefits from 3D printing is manufacturing. With the use of new high-performance materials and highly sophisticated devices, manufacturing manages to produce functional components and prototypes for practically every type of industry. The advances of the industry reveal that it is only possible to think about the future through the use […]


Functional prototypes, creation of customized parts and concept printing In highly competitive market, industries are looking for quick and innovative solutions that can meet their great demands for solving complex problems. Engineers have great responsibility in contributing with these solutions through innovative product designs. Nevertheless, this highly qualified team assists in the optimization of production […]


Large 3D printing in automotive applications The automotive industry has always been a pioneer in new applications of 3D printing technology. Large automakers, auto parts industries, vehicle customization seek to challenge equipment manufacturers every day in search of solutions for this complex market. High performance filaments are applied in the manufacture of prototypes for the replacement […]


A functional prototype can offer numerous advantages during the product development process. A very important feature for functional prototypes is related to the use of materials that guarantee superior performance. They are known as high performance materials. Its main characteristic is the application in critical working conditions, normally exposed to high temperatures and conditions of great […]


Great partnerships start through innovative ideas. That was how the project to take the 3D printer to schools was born. The use of technologies such as 3D printing is increasingly popular with students and teachers. This is because it involves the practical experimentation proposed by schools within the themes that are worked on as a […]